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5 Tools for Testing the Accessibility of Websites

5 Tools for Testing the Accessibility of Websites

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Ensuring that a website is easily accessible to all individuals, including those with disabilities, elderly individuals, and disadvantaged groups, is the goal of accessibility testing. One way to achieve this is through the use of a standard web accessibility testing tool, which performs a thorough website evaluation and generates comprehensive reports on its accessibility status. These tools also provide recommendations for fixing any issues that are identified.

This blog aims to provide a list of the top 5 web accessibility testing tools, enabling website owners to make sure that their site is accessible to everyone. Let’s get started!

WAVE is a tool for evaluating web accessibility that assists websites in creating content that is accessible to all. It assesses website content according to WCAG guidelines and conducts manual evaluations of existing website content to identify accessibility gaps. With features such as unlimited automated scanning and generating comprehensive reports, WAVE helps you improve your website’s accessibility.


WAVE evaluates web page accessibility by annotating page content. WAVE conducts accessibility evaluations within the browser and does not store any data on its servers. WAVE not only identifies accessibility issues but also provides recommendations for fixing them.


WAVE charges users based on the number of pages being checked.

The subsequent tool for web accessibility checking on our list is AChecker, which boasts an intuitive dashboard and produces a comprehensive report on the accessibility of your website after a thorough audit. AChecker examines your website based on the WCAG 2.0 AA compliance standards and enables users to monitor each accessibility parameter.


AChecker aids organizations in performing accessibility audits for multiple domains. It can generate automated reports for your website regularly and without any interruptions. AChecker generates detailed accessibility reports that include status charts for domains and attractive visualizations for sensitive areas. AChecker offers three premium plans with pricing that varies based on the benefits associated with each plan.


Basic – $99/month

Lighthouse Single – $199/month

Lighthouse Full – $249/month


AXE is a web accessibility testing extension that offers automated website testing and compliant reports, making it an efficient solution for businesses. By quickly identifying accessibility errors within coding and providing recommendations for fixing them, AXE can save you time. It’s also available on multiple browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.


AXE’s free, open-source extension enables anyone to test website accessibility. AXE’s accessibility test report includes links to all identified issues to help you understand each one in detail. AXE assesses website accessibility in light of WCAG 2.0 and section 508 compliance. AXE also provides a version for manual accessibility testing.


AXE is available for free installation, but to download the accessibility testing report, you’ll need to upgrade to the pro version.

Accessibility Checker by CKSource is a popular web accessibility testing tool that assesses website content against the WCAG 2.0 guidelines. It identifies compliance errors and improves accessibility in real-time. Its simple user interface and flexibility make it a preferred choice among developers and users alike.


Accessibility Checker offers an optimized user interface and performs a detailed inspection of accessibility levels. It follows a three-step process for accessibility testing, including content validation, issue reporting, and issue resolution. This web accessibility tool categorizes issues as warning, error, or notice using its Accessibility Checking engine. Accessibility Checker includes a “Quick Fix” feature to promptly address common accessibility issues and save time. 


Free – $0

Standard – $37

Flexible – customized based on an organization’s specific requirements.

The following web accessibility testing tool on our list is SortSite, which can be used as either a web or desktop application on Windows or Mac systems. With just one click, SortSite can evaluate your entire website and focus on major checkpoints such as accessibility, compatibility, broken links, SEO, and usability.

  • SortSite evaluates websites based on WCAG 2.0 and 110 checkpoints.
  • SortSite is compatible with Windows and Mac OS and can be used as a desktop app, desktop browser, and mobile browser.
  • SortSite can instantly evaluate HTTP error codes.
  • The most attractive aspect of SortSite is that you can purchase it once and use it for a lifetime.
  • Standard – $149 for a single user license
  • Professional – $349 for a single user license
  • Developer – $849 for a single user license


Before we conclude, we would like to emphasize that the concept of web accessibility is of great significance. As you strive to grow your business, it is crucial to create a website that is accessible to everyone. Businesses cannot anticipate the type of audience that will visit their website.


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