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Author: merkulove

Overview of the Stellar – Star Rating WordPress Plugin

Stellar is a star rating plugin for WordPress. This plugin can create and save ratings for each WordPress entry, whether it is a…

merkuloveDecember 18, 2019

Overview of the Appender WordPress plugin

Appender is a WordPress plugin that adds your copyrights to any copied text on your site. The plugin protects the text content of…

merkuloveDecember 10, 2019

Overview of the Worker widget for Elementor

The Worker is a business hours widget for the Elementor Builder. The widget displays the schedule of the company in real-time, shows the…

merkuloveDecember 4, 2019

Overview of the Foller – Social followers bar for WordPress

Foller is a Social followers bar for displaying social followers counter bar to your WordPress website. Foller can show the number of subscribers…

merkuloveNovember 25, 2019

Meesto eCommerce Template Overview

Meesto is a modern eCommerce Template for Adobe Photoshop. Ideal for the Fashion eCommerce, Outlet, Wear Store, Food store, Pets-care store, Medical or…

merkuloveNovember 19, 2019

The Scroller WordPress Plugin overview

The Scroller WordPress Plugin is a beautiful scrollbar for any scrollable element or a whole WordPress page. The Scroller is explicitly designed to…

merkuloveNovember 6, 2019

Start with the Liker WordPress Plugin

Liker is a plugin for collecting ratings of WordPress posts and pages. The plugin allows you to quickly and accurately gather information about…

merkuloveSeptember 5, 2019

Overview ratings and likes for WordPress

Liker is a plugin for ratings and likes for WordPress posts and pages. The plugin allows you to quickly and accurately gather information…

merkuloveSeptember 5, 2019

Navigation popup WordPress plugin overview

Revealer is a navigation popup WordPress plugin that displays a pop-up tooltip for WordPress pages and posts. The plugin allows users to see…

merkuloveAugust 25, 2019

WordPress voting plugin overview

Opinioner voting WordPress plugin allows you to ask questions to readers of articles and evaluates the answers. The voting plugin builds a graph…

merkuloveAugust 19, 2019

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