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Cryptonit - Cryptocurrency Sketch Template

Cryptonit is a liquid basis of digital coins. The Sketch Template to which you are now looking carefully crafted by experience designer with great attention to details, flexibility and performance specifically for developing unique HTML Templates and Themes based on WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Muse and other popular CMS.
This template is designed for websites of Crypto-currency, ICO (Initial Coin Offering), Cryptocurrency Blogs and News/Magazines about Digital Currencies. The template is also perfectly suited for websites of Analytical Agencies, Financial Companies, Consulting Organizations, Currency Traders and other companies related to Finance Transactions.

Every pixel is perfect on 40+ unique layouts

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Canonical 1170px Bootstrap Grid

4 dark and Light header & footer styles

Easy to use and customize - Based on Sketch symbols and styles

Easy to find pages, layers and groups - Well organized layers

8 Completely different main pages

Tolerant color schemes: Dark and Light color styles

Made according to WCAG 2.0

Fresh and stylish Modal windows design layouts

Awesome icons by Font Awesome 5

WordPress post formats design layouts

Assets for this template: Abstract wave dots video background

8 Gorgeous colors schemes for all core elements

Extended layouts package: Error, Coming soon, Offline Pages

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Cryptonit is a perfect choice for those who want to create a trendy and modern web-site for digital currency or ICO.


  • 40 Unique Layouts
  • 8 Completly Different Home Pages
  • Clean and Simple Style
  • Trendy colors and gradients
  • 8 Trend Color Schemes
  • Dark and Light Pages
  • Design of All Necessary Modal Windows
  • 4 Header/Footer Styles
  • Based on a 12-column Bootstrap Grid
  • Design of Basic Crypto-Currency/ICO Widgets
  • WordPress Post Formats Design Layouts
  • Design of All Major WordPress Widgets
  • Well Organized Layers
  • Pixel Perfect Design
  • Easy to Use and Customize
  • Easy to Find Artboards, Folders, Layers, Symbols
  • Based on Sketch Styles and Symbols
  • Fully Customizable Symbols
  • Well Organized Layers
  • Free Google Fonts Used
  • Icons Provided by Font Awesome 5
  • Extended Typography for All Color Styles
  • Tested in Color Blindness Simulator
  • Design Meets the Requirements of WCAG 2


  • 00_cryptonit.sketch


  • 01_Index_Azure
  • 02_Index_Blue
  • 03_Index_Green
  • 04_Index_Gold
  • 05_Index_Pink
  • 06_Index_Black
  • 07_Index_Purple
  • 08_Index_Red
  • 09_SmallTeam
  • 10_BigTeam
  • 11_Team_SinglePerson
  • 12_ICO_Calendar
  • 13_FAQ
  • 14_FAQ_SinglePost
  • 15_Partners
  • 16_Features
  • 17_About
  • 18_Pricing
  • 19_Contacts
  • 20_Contacts_LargeMap
  • 21_Blog_PostFormats
  • 22_Blog_ListSidebar
  • 23_Blog_MasonryGrid
  • 24_Blog_FullWidth
  • 25_Blog_SinglePost_Sidebar
  • 26_Blog_SinglePost_FullWidth
  • 27_News_SinglePost_Purple
  • 28_News_SinglePost_Black
  • 29_Blog_PostFormats_Aside
  • 30_Blog_PostFormats_Gallery
  • 31_Blog_PostFormats_Quote
  • 32_Blog_PostFormats_Link
  • 33_Blog_PostFormats_Image
  • 34_Blog_PostFormats_Status
  • 35_Blog_PostFormats_Video
  • 36_Blog_PostFormats_Audio
  • 37_Blog_PostFormats_Chat
  • 38_Error
  • 39_Offline
  • 40_Coming soon
  • 41_SignIn
  • 42_SignUp
  • 43_Reset password
  • 44_TokenInfo
  • 45_TokenPurchase
  • 46_TokenSuccess
  • 47_Subscribe
  • 48_UnSubscribe
  • 49_HeaderFooter_StyleA_Light
  • 50_HeaderFooter_StyleB_Light
  • 51_HeaderFooter_StyleC_Light
  • 52_HeaderFooter_StyleD_Light
  • 53_HeaderFooter_StyleA_Dark
  • 54_HeaderFooter_StyleB_Dark
  • 55_HeaderFooter_StyleC_Dark
  • 56_HeaderFooter_StyleD_Dark
  • 57_BaseTypography

Sections and Elements

  • Cryptocurrency Courses Table
  • Features Sections
  • Promotional Videos
  • Team Widgets
  • Advisors Sections
  • Timelines
  • Pie/Donut Charts
  • Counters
  • Subscribe Forms
  • Testimonials Secctions
  • Twitter/Instagram Widgets
  • Currency Graph
  • Split Sections
  • Tabs Widget
  • SignIn Forms
  • Token/Purchase Info
  • Dark/Light Quote Sections
  • ICO Rating
  • Raised Funds
  • ICO Milestones
  • Roadmap
  • Token Purchase Sections
  • Progressbars
  • Dark/Light Countdown counters
  • Cryptocurrency Excahnge
  • ICO Calendar
  • QR-code Donations Widget
  • Recent Comments
  • Recent Posts
  • Ad Units
  • etc…



All images are just used for preview purpose only. They are not part of the template and NOT included in the final purchase files.

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