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Security Inspection

The WordPress Website Security Inspection is a service that helps website owners ensure that their WordPress website is secure and protected against potential security threats. This service typically involves a thorough inspection of the website’s security features, including its hosting environment, WordPress installation, themes, plugins, and user accounts.

During the inspection, the service provider may perform a range of tests and checks to identify potential vulnerabilities or weaknesses in the website’s security. This may include scanning the website for malware and other malicious code, reviewing the website’s configuration and settings to ensure they are optimized for security, and checking for any outdated software or plugins that could be putting the website at risk.

Based on the findings of the inspection, the service provider will typically provide a detailed report highlighting any security issues that were identified, along with recommendations for how to address them. This may include implementing new security measures, updating software or plugins, or making changes to the website’s configuration or user accounts.

Overall, the WordPress Website Security Inspection is an essential service for any website owner looking to protect their website from security threats and ensure the safety of their users’ data. By identifying potential vulnerabilities and providing actionable recommendations for improving security, this service can help website owners avoid costly security breaches and maintain the trust of their customers.

Select package:
Up to 10 pages
This package is available for small sites up to 10 unique pages.
From 10 to 20 pages
This package is available for medium-sized sites with 10 to 20 unique pages.
20+ pages

This package is available for large site sites. The number of unique pages will slightly exceed 20, but not more than 30.

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