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Start with GymGain Joomla Template

Start with GymGain Joomla Template

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This article will help you understand the basic settings of the GymGain Joomla Template, and also quickly customize the template for yourself.


You can enable or disable system output, define the layout of the theme’s widget or module positions, and select a style you created in the customizer. Additionally, you have the possibility to store your modifications in a layout profile and assign it to different pages. Learn more about layouts in GymGain Joomla Template

Modules Positions

The template has a lot of positions for the placement of modules. You can very flexibly use this to create incredibly flexible page layouts.

GymGain Joomla Template Modules Positions
GymGain Modules Positions

Learn more about how to work with modules positions in Joomla


The template uses the regular Joomla menu. To add or change menu items, follow the instructions in the Joomla documentation.

Fullscreen Slider

The slider is the first thing that users of your site will see. Learn how to configure the Fullscreen slider correctly. Flexible settings slider allows you to implement any ideas.

GymGain Joomla Template Fullscreen Slider
GymGain Fullscreen Slider

Home Page

The main page is based on modules and positions. You can see which module is used in each of the places by going to Extensions -> Templates -> Templates

Templates Manager
Templates Manager

and click Preview below the Template name

GymGain Joomla Template Preview
Preview Template

On the preview, you will see which modules and in what positions are used on the main page.

GymGain Preview
GymGain Preview

To edit a module, for example, the title of the trainer’s section, go to Extensions -> Modules. Use filters to find all the modules in the desired position, and then select the module. Edit it and then save it. You can also easily change the position of the modules and its ordering in position.

Module settings
Module settings

Learn more about the modules from official Joomla documentation.


The template includes a unique expansion planner. To configure it go Extensions -> Modules -> MD Schedule

Schedule Overview
Schedule Overview

To add a new entry to the scheduler, use the following data format:


Schedule Settings
Schedule Settings

As with all other modules, you can use the interface for binding pages and menu items, as well as use the module in various positions.

Categories with unique styles

The template uses unique styles for some categories. For example, the articles list(grid) and publications in follow categories have unique styles:

Styling of these categories and posts became possible with Joomla page classes suffixes and classes with the aliases of categories( cat-trainers, cat-classes, etc.)

You can see which unique classes are used on each page in the <BODY> tag

Unique page classes
Unique Page Classes


GymGain Template includes two popular stores engines: J2Store and Ecwid. Learn more about how to work with these stores from J2Store Extension Website and Ecwid Website

Contact forms

The template used several contact forms by aiContactSafe Joomla extension. To customize and customize the form, visit the contact form extension website.


Please do not forget to change the administrator’s email and contact forms email addresses.

This is all about the basic settings of the template. If you have questions, please contact support.


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