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Support policy

This support policy applies only to products purchased directly through the site, for products purchased through the marketplace, the marketplace return policy applies:


What is included in item support?

Item support is provided for a duration of 6 months from the date of purchase. During this period, the our support team is expected to be available to offer the support services specified on the item support page, with response times varying depending on the nature of the request and the volume of inquiries received.

Item support covers the author’s assistance with general questions about the item and how to use it, as well as specific questions related to its features, functionality, and design. Support team can also offer help with issues related to the item, including reported bugs and minor item defects. Additionally, the author will ensure that the item remains compatible with third-party assets and platforms by providing version updates as necessary.

What is not included in item support?

Item support does not cover customization of the item beyond its original features, style, and functionality. Installation of the item on a server or a CMS is also not included, nor is support for web hosting or server environment issues, or issues with software not related to the item. Support for third-party assets is not included, and buyers should direct their questions about such assets to the author of the item purchased. The customer can receive all these services as paid additional services.

What is included in all item purchases?

All items on should work as described and be protected from major security issues. Everything that is described in the description should work as described, everything that is not described in the description may not be included in the final product as features. We may provide version updates to improve or modify item functionality or fix minor issues, and all buyers will have access to these updates through the Downloads page.

Other details

We are expected to use their creative and technical skills to the best of their ability to provide support to buyers. Fair use policies apply, and the we reserves the right to refuse support in certain circumstances, if the customer message shows:

  • abusive;
  • obscene;
  • defamatory;
  • threatening or discriminatory;
  • are hateful or offensive based on race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, gender or sexual orientation;

We recommend that you review the documentation (included with the downloaded item) and any supplementary information available on the item pages (FAQs, Comments, etc.) before seeking assistance from the author.

As authors usually have many buyers, response times to your request may vary. If you’re anticipating an update or resolution to an issue with the item, it may take the author several days or weeks to adequately address, test, review, and release. Additionally, authors may take breaks (such as vacations) from providing item support, and will notify you of any extended breaks via the Support and Comments sections on their items.

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